So Far, So Much

Less than a month into being a part-owner of a somewhat new business, I am as busy as I thought I'd be.  I was already maxed out with client work and now have layered on top of that responsibilities associated with organizational transition, business operations, and client development.  I was already working as hard and as fast as I could, so I've responded to the extra burdens by putting in longer hours and by cultivating my analysts' abilities so as to share more work with them (not hard, since most are far smarter and sharper than I). 

These are heady times, and the firm seems like it's on the right track, so while I'm gasping for breath and wishing I had more down time, I'm thankful for what I get to sink my teeth into and hopeful for the chance to do even more work (which is of course what all professional service providers want, is to get more business).  That said, I really ought to mix some some personal recharge time in, not to mention uninterrupted relationship cultivation time with my immediate family members, who are still my most important people.  All in a day's work (and rest).
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