Serving the Waiters

Some time this coming three-day weekend, neighborhood parents will camp out outside my daughter's school to try to avoid my son's fate: getting in line too late to get a coveted spot in a kindergarten class starting in the fall.  Since there are many more kids than spots, and since registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, there will be a line well in advance of the Tuesday morning commencement of registration.

I won't even attempt to conjecture when the line will form (last year it formed 24+ hours in advance) or how much time will elapse between first in line and the last spot available (last year it was probably about 2 1/2 hours), lest I induce palpitations from this year's waiters and encourage premature line-waiting.  But when it starts forming, it is likely there will be remarkable amount of "good neighborism" being practiced amongst these parents, amongst other neighborhood residents (especially those who have gone through the line themselves, and especially those located immediately adjacent to the school), and amongst churches in the community who seek to serve their fellow person.

Even as it is likely to be chilly in line, that kind of service in action warms my heart.  I'll be sure to report on how it all plays out over the next several days.
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