No Car, No Problem

http://social.imakenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/iStock_Cobwebs-on-steering-wheel.jpgMy life is busy enough between a demanding job and two small kids.  My weekdays typically run on continuous loop: wake up, pray, exercise, get kids ready for school, get 'em to school, go to work, pick kids up at school, get 'em ready for bed, read, go to bed, repeat.

This past week, into this mix I jammed in the following errands:

  • Monday - ballet practice, church meeting
  • Tuesday - eye appointment, community association meeting
  • Wednesday - post office, dollar store, school meeting
  • Thursday - home all afternoon for an electrician

That's eight separate things, when in a typical week it might be only one or two.  It made for a pretty hectic past several days.

One thing that wasn't part of those past several days was using a car.  Because of where I live and work, and because of how Philadelphia is organized, none of those errands required a car.  In fact, a car would have been less convenient and more time-consuming than walking or transiting.  Score one for a location that so easily allows a car-free existence.
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