Lazy Linking, 85th in an Occasional Series

After a failed career in the U.S., the Chinese-American rapper Jin got an unexpected second chance at stardom — in Hong Kong.What I liked lately on the Internets:

85.1 The world is running out of topsoil (peak soil?) http://ti.me/Wbh3Md @time

85.2 How bad is it in California?  There, they'll tax you retroactively http://bit.ly/10wgItW @xconomy

85.3 Jin, 1st Asian rapper, grows up and becomes a born-again Christian http://n.pr/ShMDtd @npr

85.4 Hear directly from football players about the pain they put themselves through http://bit.ly/XirWKm @esquiremag

85.5 Definition of arbitrage: outsource your coding job for 1/6th of your salary and then goof off at work http://bit.ly/Uq8DRk @regvulture

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