Lazy Linking, 84th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

84.1 In influencing mass murderers, media coverage > violent entertainment http://bit.ly/RxuHMi @kottke

84.2 Would you be brave enough to be a human shield for kids under fire? http://bit.ly/Uppsud @newsdayny

84.3 KFC on Xmas is huge in Japan b/c of a 40-year-old ad campaign http://bit.ly/V1xSL9 @smithsonianmag

84.4 Scholarly econ paper gets a ghetto-speak review http://bit.ly/ZakF6U @freakonomics

84.5 Prisoners with an eye for profit learn lessons from behind bars http://on.ft.com/R0LVjB @ft

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