New Service Opportunities

http://courts.oregon.gov/OJD/PublishingImages/osca/cpsd/citizenreview/raise_hand.jpgI've recently picked up a handful of new service opportunities that I am looking forward to getting more into:

- I've been asked to serve on a "responsible banking committee" by City Council.

- I'm serving on an exploratory committee for the Sustainability Workshop, a very innovative project-based school model.

- I'm on the host committee for the International Economic Development Council's 2013 conference in Philadelphia.

- I'll be participating in a design charrette later this month regarding transit-proximate ideas for the 46th and Market Street area.

- I'll be working with a "kitchen cabinet" of experts to look at how the Community Design Collaborative can better measure the impacts of its work. 

My life is crazy and perhaps I need to be decelerating rather than accelerating.  But being involved is good for me professionally and for my business.  And so long as I have good boundaries they can be stimulating and refreshing rather than draining.  So, until I cry "uncle," I'll be lending a hand and keeping an ear open on these new fronts.

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