Lazy Linking, 81st in an Occasional Series

enable talk glovesWhat I liked lately on the Internets:

81.1 Gloves that convert sign language into text http://ti.me/X307uG HT @marginalrevolution

81.2 Cold remedy chart (shows data on 4 axes!) http://bit.ly/Sj15NM HT @chartpornorg

81.3 Starbucks baristas get way more training than doctors on reading people http://bit.ly/SGAcEc @bakadesuyo

81.4 Graffiti artist to spruce up Philly storefronts for free http://bit.ly/TYUaZi @nextamcity

81.5 “A bet costs the BSer more than the non-BSer so the bet signals honest belief” (i.e. Nate Silver’s not BSing) http://bit.ly/Tq4B7t

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