Huang Family Newsletter, October 2012

into the school year routine. Two different schools plus after-school
programs has meant a proliferation of weekday evening meetings.
Speaking of which, Lee attended two fundraisers this month: both on the
Photo: Just in time for Halloween, the pumpkins are ready; I guess essays are the hot decorating style http://instagr.am/p/RbInPlNXBb/same night!

Amy and Lee continue to juggle demanding jobs during the week and a full
complement of chores and errands on the weekend. Aaron and Jada
finished up gymnastics at a Y in the suburbs, and will be starting swim
classes at our Y.

We survived Hurricane Sandy - no power loss, no property damage, no
flooding - and the two days of everyone cooped up inside. The next day,
all back to normal, plus a fun parade and trick-or-treating through our
neighborhood for Halloween.

Photo: As a matter of fact, I did think, when we signed them up for ballet and baseball, "Halloween's covered now" http://instagr.am/p/RdchwatXB2/

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