Clark Park Tot Lot

http://d2a8t4df166ugl.cloudfront.net/photos/images/17685/carousel_full/2990954820_84882eaff2_b.jpg?1330634246One of the signs of University City's ascendance is the massive influx of young families.  Drawn by the neighborhood's history and diversity, and assured by a good public school and a safer street environment, many more well-educated parents are choosing University City as the place to raise their children. 

One of the best side benefits of this is a Google Group called Clark Park Tot Lot.  Amy and I have used it to give away a crib, get leaves for our compost pile, and find out about a recent shooting.  The participants are unfailingly polite, generosity abounds, and the forum has proven to be an efficient means of allowing neighbors to help neighbors. 

It is, in short, how a community should function.  Contrary to what some haters think, technology doesn't always have to destroy social fabrics; sometimes, it can be used to strengthen them.

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