46th and Market

Photo: This is what our team came up with, 5 hrs later (strangely, no spreadsheets were needed) For as much work as I do with architects, landscape architects, planners, and designers when I partner with them at work on various gigs, I am still impressed when I get to see them in action.  So it was an absolute delight to roll up my sleeves with dozens of them all day yesterday at a design charrette organized by Community Design Collaborative. 

Even better, the subject matter was the 46th and Market Market Frankford Line station area.  The Enterprise Center was the featured local partner, I know the area well because it's less than a half-mile from my house, and even I studied the area for a consulting engagement a few years back.  So it was fun to imagine, with actual professionals who do this for a living, things like where open space could go, how the pedestrian experience could be improved, and how much new development and of what kind could be borne in what places.

I couldn't quite stay til the end so didn't get a chance to hear what everyone had to say.  But I had a blast working on this and am appreciative for all the good people who contributed their ideas and expertise to a place that is of great importance to me personally and professionally.  It will be fun to see some of these concepts come to pass in the years and decades to come.

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