Party Party

I really ought to get out more, since it's so socially enjoyable and since it helps to cultivate my work network.  But I can't tell you the last time I was out on a weekday evening. 

http://www.cbcfinc.org/images/penn_fels.jpgGood that I had not one but two worthy events to attend last Thursday.  First, The Enterprise Center had its annual Passing the Torch fundraiser.  Not only is the organization so worth contributing to, but the event is always a fun one. 

http://www.boardeffect.com/_enewsletter/jan_09/images/Enterprise%20Center%20logo.pngI only regret I had to cut out early, for I also had to make a fundraiser for my alma mater, the Fels Institute of Government, which has been celebrating its 75th anniversary.  Here too were ample opportunities to network, feel-good speeches from respected leaders, and pride in a strong affiliation.

Indeed, I'm honored to count The Enterprise Center and Fels among my deepest loyalties.  I wore both pins proudly on my lapel, and didn't at all mind the havoc these two events wrought on my sleep schedule.  Kudos to both places for doing so much good for so many people.

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