Lazy Linking, 80th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked on the Internets lately:

80.1 Cool and cheeky concepts for conserving water? Yes, please http://bit.ly/PKznND @oddeeblog

80.2 RIP George McGovern...btw, is it normal to be interviewed for an obit 7 yrs before you die? http://nyti.ms/WBuU1C @modeledbehavior

80.3 Forget about "binders full of women," how 'bout other Mittisms like "gosh" and "good heavens" http://nyti.ms/ScgnG1 @nytimes

80.4 Dear Charlotte: you're big enough that a NY Yankee's ankle surgery shouldn't be your lead story http://bit.ly/TpV32C @jposnanski

80.5 Talk about unintended consequences: a paper on penicillin’s role in increasing risky sexual behavior http://bit.ly/PjRA4s @freakonomics

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