Lazy Linking, 79th in an Occasional Series

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-sThHVqoM8a4/Tgt3ORZSpjI/AAAAAAAAAFk/dPfjgi2irGU/s1600/up-carl-ellie-old.jpgChanging things up a bit on my whole "Lazy Linking" thing, as I'll also be tweeting these from my @leehuang Twitter account.  Enjoy the links and feel free to reply/retweet/favorite/etc.!

79.1 Not at all surprised US gas use concentrated in a few auto-oriented places http://onforb.es/Outdkb @Forbes

79.2 Every time I watch this clip from "Up," someone's cutting onions nearby http://bit.ly/QB0xVh @DisneyPixar

79.3 Lost in the MNF fiasco: even kids know to bat down the pass http://bit.ly/QxujdZ @EagledelphiaPA

79.4 Philadelphia 9th among US metro areas in fast-growing companies http://bit.ly/Qgu6Z9 @Inc

79.5 Rittenhouse Square: 10th most @FourSquare check-ins among US city parks http://bit.ly/UP6oJo  @TravlandLeisure
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