Where Does The Time Go

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_TFgPLKKT6n4/TPzv7vv6FGI/AAAAAAAADpU/GAJAyiIs56c/s1600/BusyCalendar.jpgThis tweet of mine got some resonance among my social media connections:

Weekends are perfect: 1 day for chores, 1 day for activities, & 1 day for relaxing. Oh wait, you only get 2 days. Ugh...

Where does the time go?  Here's an anatomy of a typical weekend for me, for the 62 hours between the time I get home with my kids at 6p on Friday to the time I leave the house with them at 8a on Monday:

24 hours of sleep - 7 hr x 3 nights, + 3 hr of naps
8 hours of meals + clean-up - dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast
6 hours of chores + errands - vacuuming, compost, house stuff, et al
4 hours of church - morning service, Sunday School, meetings, admin
4 hours of YMCA - swimming with kids Sat early morning, kids' gymnastics classes Sat late morning
4 hours of Amy time - 2 hr x 2 nights of catching up and watching TV
2 hours of sports - watching taped football games (3 x 30 min), looking at scores/articles online (30 min)
2 hours of personal prayer and Bible study - 30 min Sat and Mon, 1 hr Sun
2 hours of work - catching up on emails, setting my schedule, taking notes on my projects
2 hours of computer stuff - email, bills, reading, blogging
1 hour of grooming - 10 min x 6 mornings/evenings
1 hour of bedtime stories - 20 min x 3 nights
1 hour of phone calls - family, friends
1 hour of grocery shopping

What about you?  How do you spend your weekends?  I'm always curious. 

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