One from the Motherland

Two years ago, I still had a dumb phone, and the "3" and "5" button didn't work, it only lasted two calls before the battery died, and when it rang it sounded like a dead duck.  Other than that, it was a great phone.

Two days ago, I still had my first-ever smart phone, a Motorola Backflip that was dinged up and greasy, couldn't access the app store anymore, sometimes wouldn't respond to my repeated attempts to answer it when it rang, and was so slow that I basically gave up using everything except calendar (and backgammon).  Other than that, it was a great phone.

I am now the proud owner of an HTC One X, and now that I've fully synchronized everything, I am rejuvenated.  I had been torn between this phone and the Samsung Galaxy III but decided that the HTC's Taiwanese roots were too hard to pass up.  (That and the fact that AT&T, my phone carrier, discounted the phone to $99 this past weekend.)

Let's hope I get some good mileage out of my new phone.  In the meantime, I also upgraded Amy to the iPhone 4S, so she is having fun having conversations with Siri.  (Am I the last person on earth to find out that Siri is a woman?)

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