New Commuting Patterns

With my new phone comes newfound options for passing the time from when I drop off my kids to when I arrive at my office.  (Which is helpful, since I'm in between a bunch of magazine subscriptions so have less reading material for my commute.)  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I've taken the opportunity some mornings to read (and, in some cases, riff on) tweets in my feed, which is fun and informative. 

Mostly though, I've been grooving to tunes.  It's kind of fun to walk through busy urban sidewalks in the middle of morning and evening rush hour while blaring something in your ear to partially drown out the hum of footsteps, chatter, and construction work. (In case you're wondering, my musical tastes run towards the hip-hop of my youth, like Rakim and NWA.) 

After rolling my eyes at people bopping obliviously from the earbuds dangling from their heads, I've become one of them.  Gasp!

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