Lazy Linking, 75th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

75.1. Thirty years after Vincent Chin, we have another very light sentence for someone responsible for an Asian American's death.

75.2. Do we really need to teach our kids math?  Um, yeah, if they want to succeed in fashion, music, cars, or, I don't know, life. 

75.3. A young girl gets a nose job to stop the bullying.  So sad on so many levels.

75.4. Hooray! Rather than turning them away in fear of having to share smaller slices of a dwindling pie, cities are looking to woo immigrants as a way to grow the pie.

75.5. What's crazier about the human body: that we go crazy without sleep, or that once we sleep it off we're back to normal?

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