No Pictures, Please

Last weekend I had not one but two get-togethers with old friends.  Many, many kids were involved.  In fact, at one gathering, out of six families, four had had kids in the past 12 months!  Needless to say, it was cute city all around.

Since I am ever the documentarian, it may come as a surprise that I took relatively few pictures.  Maybe I was feeling a little under the weather, or just too tired to move, or hoping others would be kind enough to send me their photos.  I think, though, that some of it was giving myself room to just enjoy the moment - good adult conversation, delicious food, the lasting impression of some adorable kid doing something adorable - without having to layer on top of it the act of capturing it in photo.

My blog and Facebook page are lighter for it, but it was nice to be in the moment for once.  I am far too  future-oriented to change my stripes.  But maybe I'll remember to sprinkle in some "being still" in my rabid shutter-clicking the next time the situation presents itself.

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