Car-Sharing in Hoboken

I've never been to Hoboken, and don't know much about it even though many of my friends have lived there at one point or another.  But I do know it has one thing going for it: density of car-share cars.

According to this article, Hoboken decided that the way to address the scarcity of parking spaces was to take even more parking spaces away.  That's right, they added a bunch of on-street car-share spaces.  When your city is only 2 square miles, that means that 42 cars can make it so no one is more than a five-minute walk from a car-share car.

That means you can get away with not owning a car, and therefore taking up a space 23 hours a day.  That means scarce land can be used for other things, like generating property taxes or providing open space. That's a good thing.

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