All Very Important

I have to recuse myself from ranting too much here, since my firm is involved on this issue, but wanted to share a few words about the City of Philadelphia's proposed Actual Value Initiative, which City Council voted to officially postpone yesterday.  In my circles, the issue has gotten a lot of play; of course at work, but also at my Spruce Hill Community Association board meeting, my conversations with other urbanites, and spirited discussions with the class I teach at Penn.  (Who knew there was a group of young'uns out there that was willing to discuss property tax reform on summer weekend mornings?)

This City Paper article does a pretty good job of summarizing the topic and its many political facets.  My students are right to want to unpack this issue every Saturday morning, because there's so much there.  If you want my personal opinions, you'll have to get them off-line, but for now I'll just say stay tuned and stay informed. 

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