Leaves Something to Be Desired

This vignette is interesting to me on so many levels.  After my post earlier this month about needing more leaves for my compost pile, a friend of mine commented on my Facebook page that she was aware, through a West Philadelphia list-serv, that there were many locals offering their leaves for just this purpose.  Sure enough, she forwarded me a few such posts, and I was able to make arrangement to pick up a big bag off of someone's front porch, which I will do later this weekend. 

Think about all that went in to this transaction.  Facebook, a local list-serv, an online conversation about extra leaves, and a friend taking the time to do a good deed by making a connection between my demand and someone else's supply.  And all of this over something that falls from the sky, and can either end up in a landfill or become my nutrient-rich soil for beautiful flowers and plants.  One man's trash, another man's treasure.  Now that's being green and being a good neighbor!

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