Lazy Linking, 69th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked on the Internets lately:

69.1. We're close to medicine that can selectively blot out bad memories. All sorts of implications. Discuss.

69.2. Warren Buffett's ability to pick out hidden gems applies to 11-year-old Taiwanese-American ping pong players.

69.3. In light of Junior Seau's recent suicide, I link you to a relatively old article, but nonetheless still a freshly relevant one, on how football might become a fringe sport by the time my kids are my age.

69.4. "Talking back is good," "peer pressure is good," "lying is good," and other things you were never told about good parenting.

69.5. I'm not artistic at all, so artists really impress me to the point of incredulity on a regular basis.  But sometimes the stuff I see on thisiscolossal.com is really mind-blowing.  Like these portraits made out of shards of photographs on insect pins.

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