Huang Family Newsletter, May 2012

 The kids are finishing up their school years and will spend most of their summer at the Y.  Jada is excited to be in 2nd grade in the fall.  Aaron starts kindergarten, but we don’t know where yet, because we’re wait-listed at our neighborhood school (you may have heard about the long lines) and the district hasn’t assigned him to a school yet. 

Amy’s slogging through a hard job admirably and holding down many chores on the home front.  Lee started teaching his consulting class at Fels, had a final presentation at work in North Carolina, and is juggling many projects. 

For fun, we went to Longwood Gardens, took a peek at the new Barnes Foundation museum and Sister Cities Park downtown, and attended a Memorial Day parade with Amy’s parents in New Jersey.  Jada finished her ballet class and performed fantastically at her recital.  Aaron is getting the hang of baseball and enjoys his teammates and the games.

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