A Thousand Jagged Pieces

I'm not sure if today's post will resonate with anyone, but nonetheless I feel compelled to write it. 

Life can seem terribly cruel at times.  You may wonder why you are the way you are.  You may have experienced something so horrific that words and even feelings are inadequate to express the fallout of your pain.  You may feel terribly alone, even in a sea of humanity. 

I do not know your situation.  I do not even know if there is a "you" who is reading this.  But this I know:

1) God made you perfectly.  Not only so, but He delighted when He made you, delighted when He was done making you, and delights now in you. 

2) He was not absent when all those bad things happened.  When you were hurt, it registered with God.  He was not distant or uncaring.  It may take longer than we want, but there will be a day of reckoning for those who have done wrong, and a day of healing for those who have been broken. 

3) He is present now.  Many of the psalms in the Bible are tear-filled laments to God.  Some end with the psalmist girding himself up with hope and determination.  But some just end, with no happy resolution.  I take this to mean that it is honoring to God to pour yourself out before Him, to cry and cry and cry and not have to put yourself together at the end. 

Child of God, whatever you have done or whatever has been done to you, you need not be on the outside looking in on the presence and love of God.  He pursues you with a relentless, forgiving, and redeeming love.  A mirror dropped to the ground shatters in a thousand jagged pieces and cannot possibly be put back together.  But a life dropped to the ground that has shattered into a thousand jagged pieces can indeed be put back together by a caring and ever-present God.  Whatever you may have given up hope on - absolution, reconciliation, wholeness, joy - He still holds and offers.  Do not think otherwise or do yourself ruin. 

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