South Philly, Here We Come

One of the fun parts about public transportation is exploring different parts of the city.  Aaron just started baseball, and he has practice at one field and games at two other fields, and all three places are in South Philadelphia.  So, via various buses, we're getting to see a part of the city we're not at all familiar with. I still greatly prefer University City - can't beat walking to church and schools, and having so many great amenities to choose from - but there are neighborhoods and blocks we've seen so far that are really neat to go through or get to.  Historical markers, interesting residential architecture, and vibrant commercial corridors greet us wherever we go, and there's never a dull moment.  So while it's pretty time-consuming to schlep everywhere, and maddening at times to wait for buses that are running late, it figures to be a window into another shade of the city, for which I am thankful.

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