Male Bonding

It has been a brutal stretch for my schedule, between work and family and the kids' extra-curricular activities and getting ready to teach at Penn.  Weekdays are a blur and weekends are just as feverish.  Unfortunately, one thing that has fallen by the wayside has been our monthly small group Bible study meeting with other couples in our church, which has cost us that cherished time of socializing, studying, sharing, and praying. 

Fortunately, one thing that has ramped up in its absence is a twice-a-month meet-up of the men halves of those church couples.  We men have a standing meeting twice a month - same time, same location each month - and while we don't ever have perfect attendance, even being able to have some quality time with one or two other guys has been a joy. 

I'm sworn to secrecy as to the things we talk about, but the topics are less important than the fact that we have a regular time and place to share what's on our hearts, sharpen one another, and carry each others' burdens in prayer.  In the midst of such hustle and bustle, these times have become a revelation of stillness; amidst so much anxiety in my heart, I derive great calm from these gatherings.  I'm thankful for these men, and for good male fellowship.

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