Lazy Linking, 68th in an Occasional Series

68.1. A lot of Apple's and Steve Jobs success came from working the dense Silicon Valley network.  (Somewhere, Reid Hoffman and Mark Zuckerberg are nodding.)

68.2. Is the "Mt. Laurel" requirement of affordable housing in every municipality in New Jersey a fulfillment or repudiation of conservative principles?

68.3. I don't think John Piper approves of playing the Mega Millions lottery.

68.4. Looking for a job?  Stay in touch with people you don't normally stay in touch with.

68.5. Much to the chagrin of luxury brands, youngsters who, pinched by the recession and unemployed, don't spend a lot are likely to become oldsters who don't spend a lot.

68.6. A most admired company: Comcast.  That's right.  Gunning for the Olympics, they nailed the landing and tugged on some heartstrings along the way.

68.7. The future is here, Part 1: flexible e-ink displays.  [Hat tip: kottke.org.]

68.8. The future is here, Part 2: personal medicine.  [Hat tip: Marginal Revolution.]

68.9. Jeff Bezos is awesome.

68.10. A's fans, take a look while you can: Cespedes leads the league in homers and RBIs and Colon leads the league in wins.

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