Recommended Reads, Ninth in a Series

Stuff I'd recommend from the past few months:

Creative Capitalism: A Conversation with Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Other Economic Leaders (Kinsey).  Looots of big thinkers weigh in on the notion of triple bottom line capitalism. 

Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World (Hirshberg).  Speaking of creative capitalism, here's one of my personal favorite CEOs on how he started and ran Stonyfield Yogurt.

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Csikszentmihalyi).  We hear about it in sports but it applies to the rest of life as well, that notion of being "in the zone."

The Future and Its Enemies: The Growing Conflict Over Creativity, Enterprise, and Progress (Postrel).  Chaos trumps control, and creative destruction rejuvenates. 

Nurture Shock: New Thinking About Children (Bronson/Merryman).  I loved how counter-intuitive, provocative, and sensible this book was.

The Promise: President Obama, Year One (Alter).  A fascinating look at a fascinating man during a fascinating year.  (I was afraid this book would feel out of date but instead it was like a biography from long ago, and yet from really recent, if that makes any sense.)

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