More Random Musings Too Lazy to Tweet

1. Because of Facebook, it seems a lot more people get high-end portraits of themselves (since they can be shared more widely).  I think this is a good thing.

2. Things adoptive parents miss out on: pregnancy, that first ultrasound, breast feeding, their kid resembling them in physical appearance and in skills.

3. Why so little coverage of the Putin reelection? Foregone conclusion, yes, but also ominous for geopolitics, no?  Am I the only one who's worried here?  (I did tweet this.) 

4. More things I know absolutely nothing about: what's hot in TV/movies/music nowadays, who's good in college hoops, how to cook fancy things.

5. At my age, I have to work really hard just to stay in shape.  If I don't, I get out of shape.  And if I try to get in better shape, I injure myself.   

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