Innovation Nation

Dear presidential candidates: here's a 25-point toss-up.  What is your plan to make America a place where innovation happens?  I'm tired of your pandering on jobs and tariffs and subsidies, and I want to know what policies you will put in place to create a welcoming environment for our innate curiosity, creativity, and drive to make the world a better place.

Within the past week, I have read about a running shoe made out of two sewn pieces, a camera that allows you to focus after you've taken the picture, and a soccer ball that stores the kinetic energy from its movement to provide electricity, and I am heartened by the ingenuity and cleverness.  But I am not sure that America is doing all it can to encourage such risk-taking and multiply such successes.

If you can give me a cohesive response to my query, you have my vote on November 6.

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