Econsult and Social Media

All around the country, bosses are tapping some young dude or dudette on the shoulder and saying, "I hear this social media stuff is going to stay . . . think you can get our firm in on it?"  My bosses are far more clued in than this, but it's still new ground for us, so we're taking it slow, and I've had the pleasure of being involved in getting us off the ground.  Which probably makes me the oldest person on the planet to be tapped in such a way.

(Not to be confused with the oldest person who knows something about social media; obviously, there are people much older than me who are much more versed on such things.  I think what I'm trying to say is that I'm old for someone being seen as young.) 

Anyway, if you have a desire to follow us, we're on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Every once in a while, we might actually say something interesting.

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