2012 MLB Predictions Guaranteed or Your Money Back

As my life has gotten busier, my sports consumption has dwindled to almost nothing.  My childhood self and even my self from a few years back would be mortified to hear that I watch no games live, hardly have time even to tape and fast forward, and have even shrunk back on consumption of the sports page and sports websites.  At a time of unprecedented sports content and access, my interests have dwindled to select pro football games, marquee NBA match-ups, and playoff baseball. 

So I thought for the longest time that I wouldn't entertain any MLB predictions this year.  I haven't followed trades or injuries, or read up on who's up for a breakout year and who's regressing to the mean.  I couldn't even tell you half the starting line-up for the A's, and they're my favorite team.  But hey, what's a fan to do in late March, when everyone's still in the hunt and hope springs eternal, then to make a few wild predictions and then see what happens come October?  So here you go:

NL: Diamondbacks, Reds, Phils (WC: Braves, Marlins)
AL: Angels, Tigers, Rays (WC: Yanks, Red Sox)
Div: Angels (over Red Sox), Tigers, Marlins (over Phils), Reds

WS: Angels over Marlins
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