Sunday Snooze

I did something really productive yesterday afternoon. I took a nap.

The past four Sundays I have had church meetings - mediating a personnel dispute, attending a leadership meeting, voting in a new pastor, and then coming to an ad hoc leadership meeting she called after the end of her first week in office - and have otherwise not had any good weekend afternoon time to do what I have needed to do, which is to fall hopelessly and blissfully asleep in the middle of the day and not wake up to an alarm or a crying kid.

As my life complicates, I have found myself cheating bedtime back - chores need tending to, work requires a few emails get read and sent, kids aren't quite cooperating, and my mind races for longer and faster into the evening than before - but morning and its to-do's still arrive at the same time without fail. The sleep deprivation has added up, so it felt really good to make a big dent in the deficit yesterday afternoon. Is there anything better than a Sunday snooze?

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