Summer at the Y

This past weekend, I nailed down our two week-long summer trips (San Jose and Poconos) and locked in summer camp registrations for the kids for every other week. Yes, it is the first week of February. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I can't help it: I'm a planner, and I like things settled early.

One twist that is relatively new to my forward thinking is that the kids will be spending the majority of their summer at the Y. Last year, Aaron was at the Caring Center all summer, and Jada transitioned from going to Parent Infant Center (PIC) after school to going to its summer camp. This year, we have decided to send the kids to seven weeks of summer camp at the West Philadelphia Y. We can drop off as early as 7 (!) and pick up as late as 6, so that works for my work schedule.

It will be a slightly longer commute, as we will take a quick bus ride to and from the Y, rather than our two-block walk from PIC, but I can live with that for the cheaper price and the opportunity for our kids to mix it up with their Y friends all summer long. So just when you thought we couldn't extract more value out of our Y membership - it keeps us in shape, watches our kids while we exercise, and gives them fun classes like basketball and soccer and ballet and swimming - we will be spending even more time there. (And in two years, don't doubt that we won't be giving a good hard look at sleep-away camp.)

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