Random Musings Too Lazy to Tweet

In lieu of a regular post, I give you some random musings I've had this month that I was too lazy to tweet:

  1. For Valentine's Day, I got my wife a greeting card from the dollar store, and she thought it was too much.  Have I told you how much I love her?
  2. Speaking of Valentine's Day, it plus Mardi Gras together seem to have become the February version of Halloween.  
  3. Time Magazine quoted an Asian-American saying of Jeremy Lin, "he's our Obama."  In the sense of someone being an absolute credit to his race, I co-sign.
  4. Has Facebook saved or ruined the reunion industry?  My friend and I disagree, and I'd like to know your take.
  5. And one I did tweet about - the A's signed Manny, and now I want them to go get Bonds, Canseco, and McGwire, too.  2012 matters again!
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