Carbon-Free Kids

It turns out there's someone even more car-free than me living right under my own roof.  As much as I try to avoid driving, my kids are in a car even less.  And it's not like they're homebodies: they go to school, have extra-curricular activities, and attend all sorts of social events.  But largely they do so on foot or by public, whether it's walking to school, taking the bus to the Y, or grabbing the subway downtown.

Since it was snowing last Saturday, I decided to use the car rather than public to get the kids to swim class at the Y.  It occurred to me, as they were buckling themselves in, that it was three whole weeks since they had last stepped foot in a car.  (Well, with the exception of our visit to the Auto Show, as pictured above.)

Truly this is a drastically different way of life than kids who are shuttled to and fro by their SUV-driving suburban parents to school, dance class, and piano lessons.  Maybe Amy and I can get away with not being pestered by Jada and Aaron as soon as they turn 16 about getting their driver's license and buying a car?

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