Successful Launch Party

Wow. I was so impressed on so many levels upon attending a showcase of young entrepreneurs at The Enterprise Center earlier this week. See video below.

Billed as a "launch party," the place was buzzing with people, energy, and the flash bulbs of the paparazzi. The main event hall was ringed with the exhibits of the young entrepreneurs, who had already survived a school year of in-school instruction and were now in their third month of incubating at The Enterprise Center. Business concepts included custom-designed T-shirts, hair accessories, and landscaping, but always with a clever twist. The displays were thoughtfully presented, the pitches confident, and the materials compelling.

The program has come a long way since my days running it, and it showed most of all in the caliber of the participants. I was a pretty impressive young lad back in the day, and I don't think I could have pulled off networking with professionals, running a table full of products and concepts I created, and managing the intricacies of my very own little venture. So hats off to the youngsters, and to The Enterprise Center. (Next time, I'll bring my spending money!)

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