School Pride

I have been asked to be one of 75 Alumni Leadership Council members at my grad school alma mater, the Fels Institute of Government, and earlier this week we had a kickoff dinner to talk about how the Council will be used to capitalize on our upcoming 75th anniversary to elevate the school from a publicity and fundraising standpoint. Though I am busy beyond belief, I am happy to serve in this way, whether to help the school get the praise and influence it’s due or to dial for dollars.

Look, I realize we have all become jaded and cynical about government at all levels. But a common theme from our dinner conversation earlier this week was the belief that the American people are pragmatic and are looking for pragmatism from their public sector leaders. If this is the case, and perhaps naively I believe it is, then Fels is well positioned to be a force for good. For at least the next three years, which is my term on the Council, I will be doing what I can to make it so.

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