Lazy Linking, 64th in an Occasional Series (Special Friday Edition)

What I liked lately on the Internets:

64.1. Marriage leads to happiness; kids and money, not so much. "Children are the best thing in a parent’s life, but only because they tend to get rid of every source of joy we had before they came along," while "Money makes a big difference when it moves you out of poverty and into the middle class, he explained, but it makes very little difference after that." [Hat tip: bakadesuyo.com.]

64.2. Spreadsheets, meet Pixar.

64.3. A lot of folks talk a big talk about healthier and yummier school food, but doing it at scale is proving to be a challenge. [Hat tip: Marginal Revolution.]

64.4. Driverless cars will redefine the way we "consume" travel. [Hat tip: Marginal Revolution.]

64.5. Building houses in Haiti is bad for Haitians in the long run. There's a better way.

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