Vote for David Oh on November 8

You've heard me pitch for David Oh in this space before, so I won't rehash his credentials or my admiration for him again; after all, this is his third time running, and I've participated in each of those campaigns. I just want to link you to an article that covers the recent allegations raised against him about his military service, in case you were wondering about that issue and why it's gotten so much press: "Hall Monitor Special: Who's Behind the Attacks on David Oh — and Why?"

If anything, this whole episode should strengthen our resolve to vote David in. Here is someone who actually wants to be a public servant, in the truest sense of the title. I think it's fair to say that the vast majority of Philadelphians, as tolerant as we are of an acceptable level of "playing politics," are now fed up with useless and baseless politicking, and are looking for some real leaders to work with them to get stuff done for Philadelphia. Let's make a big dent in that work by voting in David Oh on November 8.

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