Pass Intercepted

Ugh. Earlier this week, somehow, even though I always jam my Transpass deep into my back pocket, it crept up the pocket, out of the pocket, and onto the street, somewhere between my home and my subway stop. I retraced my steps in their entirety, even returning to the two drop-off locations of my kids, and even though I needed to catch a train to Harrisburg for a speaking engagement. But to no avail. I am pass-less for the remainder of the month.

I have tried to convince myself that perhaps the Transpass was found by someone who needed it more than me. But I am still grumpy. There are no full work weeks from here to the end of the month (and hence weekly Transpasses aren't worth me buying), so I have bought a wad of tokens to get me through, and will count down the days until I am with Transpass again, with all of the freedom and free riding that comes with it.

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