Community Association

Last night, I was voted onto the Spruce Hill Community Association board at their annual meeting. I am delighted to serve in this capacity. Everyone should serve on a neighborhood association board at some point in their life.

This one is particularly rewarding for me, because the people in my neighborhood are really good-hearted. Plus, collectively they make for a huge step up in my intel on issues of importance to me, like upcoming real estate developments, neighborhood events, and of course the status of our schools. That last topic took up the bulk of the 90-minute meeting, between a Q&A with the principal of Lea Elementary and a presentation by a neighborhood mom who has banded together other neighborhood parents to engage Penn Alexander, Penn, and the School District concerning enrollment issues at Penn Alexander.

Heck, I even got two nice grey SHCA T's (one for me, and one for Amy) for five bucks, as well as a free stack of brown bags for recycling leaves. And I enjoyed a pleasant walk home with two other board members, both of whom have kids at Penn Alexander who are friends with Jada. The whole thing felt very similar to my experiences with and affinity for my church: a quirky and diverse mix of good-hearted neighborhood people who are engaged in meaningful issues and trying to do good stuff in the community. Sign me up for more of that, indeed.

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