Lazy Linking, 58th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

58.1. Stop the presses - in Philadelphia, the protesters and police have both been polite.

58.2. Clever use of a vacant lot in downtown Philadelphia.

58.3. Really, really, really inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids.

58.4. How do you like your eggs - fried, scrambled, or cross-stitched?

58.5. He won two national championships, earned a Heisman Trophy, and brought his team back from 15 down with three minutes in his first NFL start, but his greatest achievement is to make something go viral that has to do with prayer . . . ladies and gentlemen, Tim Tebow! (Btw, Albert Pujols did a "Tebow" after the final out of the World Series. Here's a nice article about the faith of Tebow and Albert Pujols.)

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