Lazy Linking, 57th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked on the Internets lately:

57.1. Darn those sinister Chinese for artificially devaluing their currency and increasing all Americans' well-being by making goods cheaper for us to buy. We really ought to stop this. Let's look righteous by calling out China for their transgression, slapping on protectionist measures that make things more expensive for all of us and that incite a trade war. Yeah, this is what counts as courage and rational thinking in Washington.

57.2. What is the real economic impact of sports? Not jobs created by the construction and operation of stadiums, you silly; rather, it's the happiness we derive from rooting for our teams and following the scores.

57.3. Four national transportation experts weigh in on whether to invest in more bicycle infrastructure.

57.4. What Guy Kawasaki learned from Steve Jobs. I am reminded of my favorite Jobs quote: "it's not their [customers'] job to know what they want."

57.5. Megan McArdle wonders about "The Declining Hotness of Flight Attendants." Isn't it also that all women, including attractive ones, have many more viable career options now than 40 years ago?

57.6. Global warming, once so hot a topic. On a related note, Jon Huntsman's reward for being the only sensible adult in the Republican discussion is having zero buzz around his candidacy.

57.7. Do you ever doodle in spirals? So does this guy, only his turn into incredible pieces of art.

57.8. Cheese or font? Harder than you think. [Hat tip: kottke.org.]

57.9. Darn those wonky traders and their computerized algorithms, right? Oh wait, they actually help the market.

57.10. This article is a little too simplistic but no less true: it's time for men to grow up. [Hat tip: Desiring God.]

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