Lazy Linking, 55th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

55.1. Call Jim Collins - Jim Skinner is a Level 5 leader.

55.2 Nice words about our mayor and our water department commissioner in this Time Magazine article about the importance of urban infrastructure.

55.3. A note to our Republican candidates: unlike you all, I actually care more about reducing the deficit (which has consequences for the nation's long-term viability) than about you signaling your loyalty to deficit reduction (which has consequences for your personal short-term electability).

55.4 Some painters are so talented that they can make masterpieces without even using brushes. I envy them even as I admire their work.

55.5 In exchange for helping fund public education in rural China, state-owned China National Tobacco gets to put messages on school gates like "Tobacco helps you become talented."

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