Church Family

Alas, our interim pastor for the past two years is leaving to serve with his family in the Dominican Republic. This was his second stint at our church - during his first, he officiated my wedding and counseled me, and throughout his life he and his family have been a huge blessing to us - and he will be dearly missed.

On his last Sunday, I took care to take some photos and video, and was struck after looking at everything afterwards how much of a real family our church family is. You'll see that we're a pretty motley crew, and if you spend any amount of time with us you'll see we're not always sweet to one another. But isn't that how family is?

Above it all, there is love and warmth (and always a lot of food, it seems), and above that is a God who knit together a bunch of people I'm pretty sure wouldn't have been found on the same block together, let alone pouring our lives out to one another. Now that's what I call a church family.

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