Body Blow

I've been feeling good since my family joined the Y. Exercise will do that for you. Although some of what I mean by "feeling good" is that I am happy with my body. Which is not a bad thing and in fact is a good thing. But it can easily lead to a shallow sort of idolatry.

So it was fitting, if not funny, when my body image took a little bit of a blow this past weekend. I decided to break from my weekly routine and swim laps on Saturday morning, not checking ahead to see that the pool is unavailable during that time because it's when the swim team practices.

I thought the pool looked a little funny when I got there; something about the lane dividers didn't seem right. But I was about to jump in anyway when one of the workers looked me up and down and said, "Wait, you're not on the swim team, are you?" Two thoughts immediately came to mind. First, I should've checked the schedule, and now that I can't swim, what am I going to do or am I going to have to just head straight home.

Second, and more damaging to my ego, clearly from the way the guy looked at me and then said what he said, I don't have the sculpted body of a swim team member. Alas. I guess the moral of the story is that it's good to feel good about how you look, and I do, but it's also good to be put in your place every once in a while.

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