What Am I Working On

As has become my custom every three months, here's what I'm working on now at work. I won't repeat anything from last time that I happen to still be working on, and for confidentiality's sake I have to blur some of the details for some of these studies.

* Estimating the economic, fiscal, property value, environmental, direct use, and health care cost reduction impact of a regional trail expansion

* Estimating the consequences to government, communities, and individuals of proposed public cuts to a particular social program

* Helping a small municipality figure out how to reform its business tax structure to become a more competitive location

* Helping a university to assess retail and commercial development opportunities near campus

* Conducting a reputational survey and an environmental scan for a major regional institution

* Providing market research for a non-profit writing a long-term strategic plan

* Estimating how many jobs of a proposed research park expansion can be fulfilled by local residents

* Recommending real estate policies for a government trying to respond to rapidly rising housing prices brought about by an oil boom

* Helping a city evaluate potential revenue generation options to avoid having to raise taxes to balance its budget

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