Things That Make Me Happy, the "What a Great Morning" Version

Monday night my wife put a spring in my step by offering to hold down the fort in the crucial 6am to 7am time slot the next morning. Now that the kids are older, and are sleeping in longer, it's usually not a time they're in need of us. But, because Amy is not a morning person and because she is often called on to head into work early, I do feel an obligation to be in the house, even if downstairs churning out the miles on our treadmill or exercise bike while fast-forwarding through sports and listening on the baby monitor. So no long or leisurely runs, and if I dare hit the YMCA it is simply to sneak in a few reps in the weight room right as it opens at 6am so I can dash back home in time to be showered up and ready to go once the kids are up.

Amy saying she'd be up and ready meant I could be at the Y longer, which meant I could get my swim on, something I've always wanted to do. Rather than swim in the evening after the kids go to bed, when I'm carrying a full belly from dinner, swimming in the morning seemed consistent with when I normally like to exercise (first thing), and would put my mind and body in a good mood for the rest of the day. Plus I could just shower there, thus saving a little on my water bill. (Yes, I am that cheap.)

And so the combination of my wife doing a really nice thing for me, getting to swim in the morning, being out of the house at a time I am normally stuck at home, and feeling great about it all once I had returned home just put a big smile on my face. It also helped that I got home just as the kids were waking up, so I didn't even miss seeing their sleepy faces as they got themselves up, put their clothes on, and trudge towards breakfast. To pile on even more joy, I saw that my beloved Raiders eked out a win against the hated Broncos. An opening day win - heck, any win - is to be cherished when you are of the Silver and Black.

I realize not every morning will be like this. But maybe once a week I can have a great morning like this. (And maybe the Raiders will scratch out a few more wins this season as well.)

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