Recommended Reads, Seventh in a Series

Stuff I'd recommend from the past few months (beach read or no):

Modern Times (Johnson) - Yeah, a lot happened in the 20th century.

God Behaving Badly (Lamb) - My friend Dave at his provocative and insightful best.

The Coke Machine (Blanding) - A Coke and a smile? There's a dark side.

One Good Turn (Rybczynski) - Only Witold can write a whole book about screws.

Class (Fussell) - Cheeky words about class stratification in America.

Age of Turbluence (Greenspan) - Remember when we ran a budget surplus?

Yellow (Wu) - Nice to get the Asian perspective on race in America.

Blind Side (Lewis) - A compelling story made even better in Lewis' hands.

Number Crunchers (Ayres) - Someday soon data mining will be so prevalent we'll wonder how we got by without all of the customization, optimization, and automation it will afford us.

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